An outdoor kitchen...pretty basic could be as simple as a gas or charcoal grill with a picnic table and a few chairs in your backyard or as complex as an actual kitchen with built-in grills, storage drawers, warming drawers, beverage chillers, beer tap, pantry cupboards, and recycling bins on a patio or courtyard.   But you're still asking "Why?"...

Why are we moving our kitchens outdoors?...
With the past decades economic downfall, families have had to cut back on vacations and travel, so they looked for other ways to "get away from it all".  What better place to do that than your own backyard!  Backyard improvements can be more economical than trips to Europe or Hawaii, and they actually add value to your home.

Still asking "Why?"...
Let's look at the benefits...
*summer cooking can create extra heat in the outdoor kitchen will keep the heat out of the     kitchen...
    BENEFIT:  air conditioning will work less, therefore, your electric bill will go down!!!
*no mess in the kitchen...
    BENFIT: no clean up is always a plus!!!
*adding an outdoor refrigerator eliminates the running back and forth into the house...
    BENEFIT:  you can just relax!!!  and again the saving on that electric bill!!!
*it's a great place to entertain your family and friends...add a small fireplace and some comfortable 
 outdoor sofas...
    BENEFIT:  your guests will never want to leave...okay that may not be a benefit!!!
*this kitchen will last a long time...all the materials used are weather resistant...
    BENEFIT:  you will enjoy your outdoor kitchen for as long as you own your home...and you will pass it
                          on to the next family!!!



04/23/2016 6:47am

I like outdoor kitchen.

12/21/2016 5:20am

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02/10/2017 7:58pm

I love outdoor kitchen. I remember my grandmother's house in our province where their kitchen is outside of their house. Their outdoor kitchen there has no gas stove nor electric stove since there is no electricity there and my grandmother's house is far from civilization. We use many charcoal and branches of dried or dead trees to cook. I love cooking together with my grandmother. It was our bonding there. Outdoor kitchen is pretty nice because when you cook you feel the breeze of the air and the tweeting of the birds as if they are singing while you are cooking. Cooking in the outdoor kitchen feels like synchronizing with the nature.

04/18/2017 4:51am

Your article is a great source of information for those who have little information and interest about outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen is a great way for the family to have fun while cooking or grilling favorite meals or steaks. The family can bond together in the 4th of July grilling outside. Plus, this type of kitchen is hassle free. This outdoor project should be always in the list of projects of every family.

04/23/2016 10:17am

Thank you for your sharing. Outdoor kitchen is best because we will cook free no disturbance.

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