Let's take a trip down memory lane...close your eyes...visualize a 20something year old you...the year is 1982...you've just purchased that new home...with the 1950's bathroom...wow!!! what were you thinking...time to remodel...exciting!!!
What does the 20something year old you want in this new bathroom...a huge whirlpool tub/a shower (not so huge)/his and hers sinks/a separate toilet area!!!
Now let's talk color...if you're smart you choose neutrals...but you want the "wow factor"...hunter green/mauve/peach/dark blue!!!
Now OPEN your eyes...your 50something year old you is saying...what was I thinking?
Don't worry about those choices...we are all in the same boat...time to update and make it "aging" friendly and "2016" acceptable!!!

Where to start...
tub/shower...how often did you use that large whirlpool tub...once or twice a year?  how often did you stand in the shower and wished you had a larger shower? maybe with a couple of body sprays, a seat? how about a steam unit?...Perhaps a smaller soaking tub would do the trick at this point in your life...
vanity/sinks...how many times have you looked at those double sinks and thought..."why?"...we only use one!  Perhaps it's time to eliminate one and create a make-up area...would you like to sit down while putting on your make-up?
And that separate toilet area...what were you thinking!!!

It's clear now...the 50something year old you...with eyes wide open...is ready for that 2016 remodel...
Stay tuned for more Blogs to help with your project...or call Cucina by Lina to get started!!!
See you soon!!!


03/10/2016 9:46am

Interesting post. Thank you for your sharing.

07/14/2016 9:07am

This is actually a bit weird because I really love vintage and old houses. Yet I also find it funny because it may look lovely but we still need the amenities of this age. I am totally on the same boat with you on remodeling. I am so thankful that I happen to click your site. I will follow this so I bookmarked it right away.

02/03/2017 5:10am

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08/04/2016 6:22am

Wow! That bathroom is amazing! Bathroom of my dream!

08/23/2016 11:01pm

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02/04/2017 5:45am

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11/12/2016 4:00am

I like how this bathrooom looks like! It's big, isn't it?

11/12/2016 2:59pm

With the changing world the need and living style of people is also changing and is their interiors and bathroom styles. It's such a wonderful stuff to read.

02/06/2017 5:43am

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Wow the bathroom seems gorgeous. All the accessories are superb, especially the bathtub is remarkable. The color of the tiles of the floor and walls is amazing, good combination. It is looking wide and capacious. Very stylish and modern bathroom.

11/16/2016 8:08am

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01/28/2017 4:00pm

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08/15/2017 4:01pm

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09/26/2017 1:21am

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