The first step to that beautiful new kitchen you so desire is decluttering your existing kitchen.  Don't wait until two days before the demolition crew is scheduled to begin,  to start removing things from your cabinets.  Over the years, I have seen homeowners wait until the last minute, only to put everything away and end up with more boxes than they really need!  
Give yourself at least three weeks to prepare yourself for that new project...Week 1 for the upper cabinets...Week 2 for the base cabinets...Week 3 for miscellaneous items.  
Speak to your designer or contractor about setting up a temporary kitchen somewhere else in the house. Keep out any items you will need during the renovation...plates, soup/cereal bowls, glasses, coffee cups, pot, pan, silverware, etc.  At Cucina by Lina, we offer our homeowners a temporary microwave and an electric hotplate...for those nights that ordering in or eating out just aren't an option!

Before you start, give yourself an attitude adjustment.  To successfully declutter your kitchen, harden your heart before you begin...NO MERCY!!  Clear your countertops, get a minimum of four boxes and label them as follows:  Put Away (Kitchen), Put Away (Elsewhere), Give Away/Sell, and Storage.  Anything else gets thrown away!  
A good amount of sturdy black garbage bags will come in handy...why black bags?!?!...OUT OF SIGHT/OUT OF MIND...declutter into opaque trash bags for best results.

Now let's get started...
Open your kitchen cabinets...time to clean up!!!
Week 1 & 2...Empty the kitchen cabinets.
     *take everything out of the cabinets including any shelf dividers, racks, etc.
     *work on one cabinet at a time
     *avoid decluttering everything at once, it will help you to stay focused
     *give away or throw away small gadgets and appliances that are just taking up space
     *be rational about how many cups, plates, bowls, glasses, knives, forks, and spoons you actually need
        Suggestions:  If you're not sure, do a trial separation...pack up what you're not sure about and don't                   unpack it into the new kitchen...if you don't go back into those boxes, then perhaps you don't need it!
     *get rid of items you haven't used in a long time
   Week 3...Clearing up miscellaneous items.
     *consider removing items from the kitchen that don't belong there
     *remove all items for the top of your refrigerator and make a verbal promise to yourself to relocate them
       into another location in the new kitchen 

Once that new kitchen is complete, here are a few thoughts to avoid the clutter...
     *dish washing route...don't store dirty dishes in the sink...either put them in the dishwasher or wash them         right away (don't forget to dry them and put them away)
     *don't go out to buy containers for things that don't fit on your shelves...a good example are your coffee               cups...pick a shelf for your coffee cups...if it doesn't fit on that shelf, then you don't need it!
     *follow the "One for One Rule"...get a new skillet and get rid of an old works for your wardrobe,             why not your kitchen gadgets!

Good luck...and feel free to suggest any Blog topics you would like to read about!
Time for me to go follow my own decluttering advice....see you next week!



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The initial step to that excellent new kitchen you so longing is cleaning up your current kitchen. Try not to hold up until two days before the decimation group is planned to start, to begin expelling things from your cupboards.


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Over the years, I have seen homeowners wait until the last minute, only to put everything away and end up with more boxes than they really need!

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